Tinnitus Ear Laser Therapy LLLT Irradiation Laser Physiotherapy Earplug Otitis Media Deafness Diabetes Hypertension Treatment


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What is the Ear Laser Indications?

Balance the High blood pressure ,Reduce the High cholesterol , High blood fat , High blood sugar and High blood viscosity .Reduces risk of heart attack , Reduces risk of stroke , Reduces inflammation and swelling , Energizes cell activity and bloodstream , Strengthens the immune system , Regulates blood flow and circulation , Enhances oxygen carrying capacity , Improves cell deformability.

What is the ear probe Indications ?

Otitis media, deafness, tinnitus, Menieres syndrome.

How do the Laser Ear laser treatment the tinnitus ?

1. The prevailing view is that the respiratory chain plays a central role in the effects of laser treatment. Laser energy in redand near-infrared spectra ability to penetrate tissue. It stimulates mitochondria in cells to produce energy by producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
2. Mitochondria´╝îIt is the power source for all batteries, they metabolize fuel and generate energy for cells in the form of ATP.
3. According to reports, LLLT exposure increased the production of ATP. Increased ATP production may lead to increased cellular metabolism, promote damage recovery, and restore cells to health, State and reverse many degradation conditions.
4. For ear diseases, low-intensity lasers have been reported to alter collagen tissue in the cochlea. Especially in the basement membrane. Besides, LLLT has a beneficial effect on the recovery of cochlear hair cells after acute hair loss, which can increase cells.
5. Proliferation, synthesis of ATP and collagen, the release of growth factors, promotion of local blood flow in the inner ear and activation of repair mechanisms the inner ear is stimulated by photochemical and photophysical stimulation of hair cell mitochon.

How to use ear accessories?

1. Insert the USB interface directly into the mobile power supply, or insert the appropriate adapter to start using. (Note that the product does not contain adapters or power supplies)
2. You can directly start using headphones.
3.Twice a day. 30 minutes each time. Use once in the morning and once in the evening. The effect of continuous use is good.

Package Including´╝Ü
1 x Earplug Irradiation
4 x Earphone soft ring

The Function mechanism Adopting 650NM laser noninvasive irradiate on the damaged nasal tissue.To activate and repairs mucosal cell,speed the local blood circulation and help to absorb inflammatory exudation and edema, Fundamentally improve itself immunity and detoxification and metabolism to treat the kinds of rhinitis diseases.

[Indication] Semiconductor laser treatment instrument applies to the treatment applies to the treatment of

hyperviscosemia, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemic diseases and rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, nasosinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, otitis media, tinnitus, chronic pharyngitis. Adjutant therapy to lower blood viscosity, reduce blood fat and cardiovascular diseases. Contraindication: The following conditions is strictly prohibited;pregnant,cancer,hemorrhage diseases. The person who suffers acute myocardium infarction, stoke or diseases with hemorrhagic tendency is forbidden to use this instrument. Keep the laser away from pupil area when the laser radiates.

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China Mainland

Item Type

Physiotherapy Instrument





Model Number




Product Name

Ear laser irradiation & Body laser

Working voltage

DC 3.7V

Ear laser Feature 1

Laser Irradiator

Ear laser Feature 2

low level laser therapy

Ear laser Feature 3

laser therapy

Ear laser Feature 4

Treatment of otitis media

Ear laser Feature 5

Treatment of tinnitus

Ear laser Feature 6

Treatment of Menieres syndrome

Input power


Laser power


Plugged in


5 hole laser pad 1

Treatment of Diabetes

5 hole laser pad 2

Treatment of hypertension

5 hole laser pad 3

Treatment of cholesterol

5 hole laser pad 4

Treatment of Anti-inflammatory


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