LISM 500G/3KG High Precision Kitchen Electronic Scale High Sensitivity Digital Scale 0.01g Precision Coffee Jewelry Weighing


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Product parameters

Product Name: High Precision Digital Kitchen Scale

Brand: LISM

Measurement accuracy: 0.01g/0.1g

Product use: used for weighing coffee, milk powder, food materials, and can also be used for accurate weighing of jewelry and precious metals

Product size: 130mm*110mm*20mm

Product net weight: 213g (battery type)/235g (rechargeable type)

Power: battery/charging

Buyer Note:

1. After you receive the product, please do not buckle the plastic tray upside down on the scale surface. You need to turn it over. The function of the tray is only a container. If it is a scattered item (granular food), you need to weigh it with a tray or container , please follow the steps below,

(1) Turn on the power button of the scale;

(2) Put the tray or container on the scale;

(3) Press the “T” button to return to zero;

(4) Place the item you want to weigh in the tray or container;

(5) The data obtained is the weight of the item you want to weigh;

2. Please press the “T” button to reset to zero before weighing if it shows a negative number before weighing.

3. In order to maintain absolute accuracy, please place the scale surface on a stable table, and do not place it on a shaking or soft base for weighing

4. Do not use the product beyond the maximum capacity, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the product and affect the measurement. We have two scales, one with an accuracy of 0.01g and a maximum capacity of 500g, and the other with an accuracy of 0.1g and a maximum capacity of 3000g, please Pay attention to the specifications you purchase, and do not exceed the maximum range when using.

5. Please consult us if you have other questions that you do not understand, we will answer them as soon as possible

Seller promise: Dear buyer friend, after you receive the product, if the measurement accuracy does not match the description or other quality problems, please contact us in time. For your shopping experience, we support reissue or refund, thank you for your suppor.

Additional information

Brand Name



Bench Scale


Mainland China





Rated Load


Display Type

LCD display screen

Power Supply

Dry battery/USB





Is Smart Device



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